Stainless steel centrifuged tubes (and derivative products like rings, flanges, spheres, rollers...) are aimed to the following sectors:
  • Valves
  • Petrochemical
  • Quimic treatment ovens
  • Steel mill, various industries
We manufacture alloy and measures on request.
In the thermo treatment ovens there are pieces submitted to thermal water blasts and other template measures: lubricant,...
These require alloy steels, Cr. Ni. that can vary from Cr. Ni. 25/12 to applications.
These pieces are rigorously controlled by penetrating dyes to avoid serious defects.
For the petrochemical industry we make vital pieces like those found in the cracking oven which are submitted to very aggressive measures by the sulphur in the V205.
For this we use steels. High alloys like Cr. Ni. 25/12, 25/20, 18/38 and Cr. Co. 28/50 and28/50 +Nb. Up to Cr. (50/50) in 657, with additions in rare earths.
In the metal industry there are numerous pieces that due to their requirements, strength and/or temperatures or by the conditions of the natural surroundings. These pieces need fabrication and polish as much in the selection and the founding of the steel as in the finish.
In any type of industry where pieces of EDERLAN are required we are totally willing to comply with the technical requirements or in the case of material quality studies most adequate according to the application of the same.